What can you expect when attending the Hip & Groin Clinic for a consultation?

Once you have requested to attend for a consultation, the appointment date and time will be confirmed either by email, text or letter depending on your preference; a reminder message can be organised.

The clinic is located on the first floor of the Whitfield Clinic Medical Centre; all investigations are performed in the radiology department many of which can be organised on the day of your consultation, some investigations may need to be booked.

On arrival at the clinic, you will be greeted by the consultant’s private secretary and if you do not have recent x-ray films of your hip/pelvis, you may be requested to attend the radiology department for an up-to-date x-ray.

Note: If you have had recent x-rays taken, please bring the actual x-ray films along to the clinic; an x-ray report is not useful.

A comfortable lounge is provided and you will be invited to take a seat while you are waiting to see the consultant.

The Consultation

Each consultation will usually last between ten and fifteen minutes; the consultant will take a concise and focused medical history relating to your symptoms. A thorough, routine, clinical examination is then undertaken of the hips, pelvis, groin and thigh. A chaperone service is available for all patients and can be requested on arrival at the clinic.

Further investigations are often required and will be explained by the consultant at the end of the consultation. Appointments can be organised for further investigations before you leave the clinic.

Payment details

All payments for the consultation must be made before leaving the clinic using either cash or cheque; unfortunately, we cannot accept debit or credit card transactions.

Admission for surgery

If surgery is required, a date will be provided at the end of the consultation and will be organised to suit you; all surgical procedures are performed on site in the outstanding Whitfield Clinic laminar flow operating theatres under the care of a specialist orthopaedic surgical team.

For further information, please contact us.