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Hip and Groin Sports Injuries

The Hip and Groin Clinic was developed with both recreational and competitive athletes in mind; from the initial consultation and investigations, to the surgery and rehabilitation, every aspect of care is tailored towards achieving a rapid return to sports.

Sportsmen and women are continually at risk of hip and groin injury; such injuries if inappropriately diagnosed and poorly treated may lead to recurrent problems and in many cases prolonged periods of enforced rest from sports and activities; some injuries will result in premature retirement from sports altogether.

Femoral acetabular (hip) impingement is a condition that is only recently becoming recognised as a major cause of sports related groin pain; awareness of this condition is slowly growing and appropriate treatment is only available in a small number of specialised orthopaedic centres across Ireland and the UK.

Groin disruption (Gilmore’s groin) is a chronic injury to the inguinal region of the groin often requiring surgery; many patients thought to have Gilmore’s groin injury actually have underlying hip impingement; Adductor injuries, hamstring and quadriceps muscle tightness are very common conditions and often associated with underlying hip impingement.

A significant proportion of athletes complaining of chronic or recurrent groin pain have a combination of hip, groin and adductor injury. Correct and accurate diagnosis with effective treatment is essential for the best chance of a full recovery and a return to sports.

The clinic prides itself on a number of areas …

  • Rapid access to the right consultant: a specialist in hip and groin surgery
  • Immediate access to all the required investigations
  • No delay if surgery is required
  • The highest quality of perioperative care following admission to the Whitfield Orthopaedic and Sports Clinic, Waterford
  • Personal rehabilitation programmes to maximise outcome from treatment.

Following the official opening of the Hip and Groin Clinic in September 2008, the first biennial international sports surgery symposium was held at the Whitfield Clinic, in March 2009; featuring internationally renowned speakers, the presentations were very well received by eighty five doctors and sports practitioners, from all around Ireland.

View the programme brochure [pdf] and read a review of symposium [pdf]


For the elderly patient with longstanding arthritis of the hip or the younger, more active patient with early degenerative hip disease, the Hip and Groin Clinic offers the highest standards of care along with the latest technology in hip resurfacing and total hip replacement.

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All conditions of the hip and groin are managed at the hip and groin clinic for any age group.

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